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Artificial Intelligence Helps Managers Increase Productivity

Many people are afraid that they're going to lose their jobs in the future, when their work will be done by AI powered robots. And the threat is real (that's for sure!) at least when it comes to jobs that are easy to automate. However, artificial intelligence will also help create new jobs. And "for managers who aren't afraid of change, AI can be of great help", states George Hardesty, CEO of Data Alliance, an online store that is run by an AI-powered system.

For starters, artificial intelligence can help managers spend less time coordinating their stuff. Today, most managers spend about two days per week doing administrative work, rather than focusing their energy on solving problems. AI systems can help them gain a lot of time by taking care of all repetitive work.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to save time by writing documents. It's already happening, and big news corporations such as the Associated Press are using it to write many of its news. Their AI has helped increase productivity by 1100%, allowing journalists to free up time for investigative work.

AI can also help managers who lack creativity. It is known that computers aren't really creative, but they can use unsupervised learning to build a huge database of creative ideas, which can then be used for real work.

So, if AI can have such a positive impact, why are some managers afraid of it? To begin with, they could perceive AI as a threat, rather than as a helper. Since most managers are competitive, they may be tempted to race against AI. And when this happens, there's a guaranteed winner: the machine.

Artificial intelligence can't replace our work experience, at least for now. However, intelligent systems have the potential to help managers take sound business decisions in the future.
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