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How Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future

AI is shaping our future - there is no doubt about that! It changes how businesses work and the way in which people interact. For huge corporations, AI is at the center of data research and analysis. And even for small businesses, AI-based systems can create lots of new opportunities.

Think speech recognition systems, for example. Small software development teams are now able to create applications that have a speech recognition rate which easily exceeds 95%. It's an impressive number, and big corporations such as Microsoft have gotten even better results. Most search engines have already implemented voice-based search, and I guarantee that this is the way in which people will find information on the web in the very near future.

Artificial intelligence systems are also of tremendous help in the health care sector. It's it amazing to have a software application that is able to diagnose hypertension better than most specialists?

It looks like the future of artificial intelligence is bright, and yet many corporations aren't ready to adopt AI-based systems right now. And we couldn't blame them for doing that either! To begin with, AI technologies need to be customized for each business. We are still many decades away from the moment when a general artificial intelligence solution will be able to learn from context and adapt to each business' needs. To ease the transition, AI specialists need to be hired, and then used to determine the areas where artificial intelligence would help increase productivity and profits.

So, will AI powered systems take all our jobs in the future? Most specialists affirm that robots are going to replace people in many industry sectors within 10 to 15 years. Others think that AI will also create many jobs, and that is true as well. However, the lost jobs versus new jobs ratio is very likely to be negative on the long run.
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IBM predicts that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled by an AI-based system.

Google acquires DeepMind, a UK-based AI startup, for a reported $525 million. has discontinued its services. The six member team will start working for Apple, helping the company improve Siri.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will fit its vehicles with a personal AI assistant, which should make driving safer and easier.

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