Slides and other material
Panel on the impact of AI on society

Stuart Russell (Slides)
Henry Kautz (Slides)
Joanna Bryson (Slides)
Anders Sandberg (Slides)
Sebastian Thrun (Slides)

IJCAI-13 Awards

IJCAI-13 Award for Research Excellence
Hector Levesque (Paper) (New Yorker Article)

IJCAI-13 Computers and Thought Award
Kristen Grauman (Slides)

Invited speakers

Li Wei (Slides)
Andreas Herzig (Slides)
Jon Kleinberg (Slides)
Rolf Pfeifer (Slides)
Steven Phillips (Slides)
Noel Sharkey (Slides)

Angry Birds AI Competition
Robot Competition and Exhibition
Video Competition
Category Winner
Best Video Flow Machines (Watch)
Most educational video Algorithmic Decision Theory @ NICTA (Watch)
Best autonomous robotics video Utilize External Knowledge to Solve New Problems (Watch)
Best application Discover Emotions in Tweets & Weibos during the 2012 Olympic Games (Watch)
Most entertaining video 5 robots named Paul drawing Nino (Watch)
Most entertaining autonomous robotics video The Fugitive (Watch)

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Best presentation and best poster

Best presentation
Uniform Convergence, Stability and Learnability for Ranking Problems
Wei Gao, Zhi-Hua Zhou

Best poster
Opponent Modelling in Persuasion Dialogues
Christos Hadjinikolis, Sanjay Modgil, Elizabeth Black, Peter McBurney, Yiannis Siantos